Joe S.

I started with Dr. Sara and her style of chiropractic in June of 2013. I was looking for relief from long time allergies and work stress.

My seasonal allergies would be so bad at certain times of the year that I couldn’t comfortably work and was having trouble in client meetings due to symptoms. A lot of our client interactions occur outside on the golf course, which was particularly problematic. I felt unprofessional and unwell.

I wanted to feel like myself and not have to worry during client meetings. I wanted to be able to do more outside with my kids.

After about 6 months of care with Dr. Sara, my allergies were significantly reduced and I found that I could function a lot better without having to worry. My symptoms continued to improve until I seemed allergy free and felt great!

Then the real test came – the worst time of year, ragweed season. I had been seeing Dr. Sara close to a year at this point. I found that some of my symptoms returned but nowhere near the severity in the past for that time of year.

Dr. Sara has also helped me with low back pain and mid back pain from time to time.

Thank you Essence Wellbeing Centre. I can now function and be myself!  

Ruth L.

I came to Dr. Sara because I was experiencing continual lower back pain.  I was looking for more lasting relief and eventual freedom from back pain.  Day to day living and activity was a struggle.  I had been to many other specialists over the last fifty years and I was looking for anything and everything that would strengthen my back.

I finally decided to try Network Spinal Analysis.  Now I am more relaxed.  I am participating more in daily events and I am regaining my youthful exuberance and ambition about what I can do.  Everything is more enjoyable.  I have more pain-free days and the level of pain and discomfort is reduced compared to the past.  I am convinced this is due to the entrainments correcting deeper layers of problems that manifest.  I am more aware of my improved posture and digestion.  I am thankful for Dr. Sara’s approach in correcting underlying problems at each visit, not leaving something for the next visit.  This is the best I’ve felt in 40 years!

I am very hopeful my progress will continue and I will continue to come in for regular treatments with Dr. Sara.  I’m looking forward to hosting dinner parties again!

Linda E.

I initially came to see Dr. Sara at Essence Wellbeing Centre because I was suffering from severe, chronic lower back pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia.  I found it difficult to get through each day because of my pain and because of very low energy.  I was not able to do the things I enjoy in life and wanted to be able to go out for walks in nature.

After two months of entrainments with Dr. Sara, I am standing taller, feeling calmer and stronger.  I have noticed many changes.  I have been able to walk a lot more and I feel a new sense of awareness and well being.  I am more at ease in my body and have more energy to get through each day.  I move easier and have an increased awareness of what is good for my body.  I have been able to take charge of some aspects of my life and make changes like setting better boundaries with others.  I look forward to the future and to seeing many more positive results!

Gratiana A.

Since beginning Chiropractic care with Dr. Sara O’Neill my life has changed completely! I have been seeing Dr. Sara for 2 years and my life just keeps getting better and better.

Initially I was looking for help to improve my back pain and to be able to breathe deeper. I also wanted to have more of an internal connection with myself.

These started changing right away. My pain improved and my breathing became freer and more open. I started to enjoy life more as I gained an ability to feel more relaxed in my body.

Then I noticed that I was able to adapt to changes in my life much more easily and deal with stress better! I became more and more able to handle more stress. My ability to make decisions improved.

I started to become an element of change in my workplace and I was able to get a number of new positive initiatives implemented for the staff as a whole. Work stress just didn’t bother me as much as before.

My relationships started to change. More friends have come back into my life and I feel more open to starting new friendships. My relationship with my daughters has improved. I feel much more connected to others.

I became aware of defense mechanisms that I had been carrying around with me that no longer served me.  I am now able to let these things go, for example being controlling, criticizing myself and others, and closing off my heart.

I have more spiritual awareness and a richer prayer life. I began a prayer group with 3 of my friends.

I am eating healthier and making lots of changes in my life so that I enjoy life more. I have started some new hobbies. I am more spontaneous!

I find that I am able to get out of my head and into my heart more and have a more balanced approach to life. I am more emotionally in tune with myself and with others

Recently, I have been able to stop taking medication for depression and I am feeling happy and balanced.

I am excited about what is next for me! I am open to anything life will bring. Thank you so much Dr. Sara!

Felicity B.

I've been receiving weekly Network Spinal Analysis care from Dr. Sara O'Neill for the past few years.  I believe that her entrainments have helped me tremendously, both physically and emotionally.

For years I suffered with back pain because of scoliosis of the spine. I believe that I am out of pain because of the regular NSA entrainments I receive from Dr. Sara.
There is no need for me to take any prescription drugs anymore.  The influence of the NSA care helps me become aware of and manage any emotional issues that may come up.  Emotionally, I keep a positive attitude and I'm living without pain. 

I am 61 years old and without the loving care that I receive from Dr. Sara O’Neill I would not experience the wonderful quality of life that I do now.  She has been a blessing in my life.  I am eternally grateful.

Colette F.

I initially came to see Dr. Sara at Essence Wellbeing Centre for my asthma, menstrual discomfort and for stress relief. Very quickly into care, I felt a new sense of calmness and I felt better able to deal with the many stresses at work. After the first couple of months, I felt that I was standing taller and slouched my shoulders less. I also began to be able to listen to my body’s needs better and make better choices for my health. I started to eat less sugar and drink more water; I started taking meditation and yoga classes.

The next month I started to feel less anxious in my stomach and much more calm on a daily basis. I feel lighter and have much less stress, even though my day to day life has not changed. At this point, one of my new goals in seeing Dr. Sara is to let go of my tendency towards perfection. To be more relaxed in my mind and my outlook on life; to let go of work at the end of the day.

During this time, my posture greatly improved and I am feeling more energy and breathing much more easily. I feel a new sense of ease through my rib cage.  I learned that I can take time for myself and that intuition comes to me when I need it. My Stress Response Evaluation is showing better co-ordination in brain function.

Best of all my asthma symptoms have improved greatly. I even stopped my monthly allergy injections and have so much more energy.  My last pulmonary function test showed a huge improvement and I have been able to decrease the amount of asthma medications that I take.

I have definitely improved in my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. I have more enjoyment of life and my quality of life is better.

Thank you Dr. Sara for your ongoing care! The progress is amazing! 

Barbara S.

I first came to see Dr. Sara at Essence Wellbeing Centre for my lower back pain. I also had ankle and knee pain from a bad fall and surgery that I’d had 2 years ago. I had trouble walking up stairs. I had to go slowly, one foot at a time. I couldn’t do all the activities I wanted to do. I also had fairly frequent headaches.

I have been seeing Dr. Sara for 9 months now and what a difference! I am able to go upstairs much more easily and can alternate on most days. My low back usually is consistently improved and my knees and ankles feel much better. I find that I can breathe easier. I am also doing more than I could before and living my life more. I am looking forward to what is next for me in life. When I retire, I see more possibilities!

Amanda B.

In the fall of 2013 I was suddenly struck with a horrible case of vertigo.  It made me dizzy, induced vomiting, and obviously affected my ability to function at work and at home.  I sought the assistance of my chiropractor, but did not find it produced the relief I was hoping for.   I suffered for a number of weeks before coming to see Dr. Sara to see if a different method of chiropractic could bring relief.  All I can say is that walking through the door of Essence Wellbeing Centre was an excellent decision. My vertigo is 80% gone which is virtually a miracle!

NSA treatments have made me more aware of my breathing, as well as being aware of where and when my body is holding tension. In addition to helping with my vertigo, treatments have also reduced my lower back pain.  I am happy to be a practice member and will continue with a routine of regular weekly visits.  My entrainment time is the most peaceful and relaxing part of my day.  Feeling better allows me to focus on my goals of being able to devote more time to sewing and writing, which brings me such joy!

J. W.

I tried traditional Chiropractic after a disc herniation and was not recovering. After 8 months of bad pain I switched to NSA and after 2 entrainments I could sit on the couch again and drive the car again. I find the office very calm, relaxing and friendly!

Lynne H.

When I first came to see Dr. Sara O’Neill I could hardly walk or sit.  My back was hurting so much that I was taking painkillers and sleeping tablets on a regular basis. Now, after just a few weeks of treatment, I feel wonderful once again and I no longer require either the painkillers or sleeping tablets. I feel more like myself again and I’m able to enjoy a far better quality of life. 

I was not aware of my spine. I knew that by the time evening came round my back was sore and stiff but I just thought that was part of getting older and I just lived with it. I did not know that I was holding stress in my back. These days I am more aware of my emotional health and my ability to deal with stress.  I now make time to relax and do some deep breathing to help keep stress from building up in my spine.   

I am sleeping better than I have in years. I am now able to exercise on a regular basis and I’m even running up the stairs instead of just dragging myself up them.

Patricia D.

After years of sitting at work stations that were ergonomically incorrect and especially at my last work station, I was suffering terrible neck and shoulder pain.  I had been going for massage therapy treatments but they were becoming too painful to endure.  Upon the suggestion of my supervisor, I contacted Dr. Sara O’Neill.  She has helped me greatly with her treatments including the breathing exercises to relax. 

Dr. Sara’s treatments are helping to alleviate the stress built-up in my neck and shoulders and in turn that has helped me cope with the emotional trauma of the failing health of both my mother and brother.  I have had more energy to accomplish my tasks at work and my workload at home. 

Dr. Sara has also helped me with a skin disease I have which is associated with graves eye disease.  I have been going for treatments for several years to another city.  I followed Dr. Sara’s suggestion and the disease has improved greatly with respect to the colour and texture of my skin. 

Thanks, Dr. Sara! 

S. M.

I had experienced a stroke and then thyroid cancer. With that I also experienced high levels of anxiety, fear and sore, tight muscles. With Dr. Lisa’s care I am much more relaxed, focused and my energy level has elevated. I am not only feeling the results but enjoying the interactions with the office staff as well as Dr. Lisa.

Kimberly K.

After moving to Waterloo with my husband, I began to search for a chiropractor. I’d been going to a traditional chiropractor since I was about 11 years old, and after moving, found that I had some major aches and pains. After looking through the Yellow Pages, I discovered Dr. Sara, who I chose mostly because she worked closest to our new home. What I found surprised me more than I could have ever imagined.

I found I was very stressed out and often suffered from bad headaches, usually because of tenseness through my neck and shoulders, especially through high school and now through my new job. I was unable to handle stress well, and experienced pain from time to time in my back. I had never heard of Network Spinal Analysis before going to Dr. Sara, but I was very interested in it, and it’s become something that has improved my overall health and lifestyle. Since going to Dr. Sara, I feel much more relaxed. I also feel ready and able to deal with stress, and my body holds a lot less stress than it ever has, which feels wonderful.

Dr. Sara has really helped me understand more about my body and how it deals with stress, and I’m sure she has helped countless others as well. Overall, I’m very pleased with the results of Network Spinal Analysis, and I’m very grateful to Dr. Sara and Kristy for all their hard work and effort to help us all feel better and live better.

Thanks Dr. Sara!

K. K.

What I love about Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) Chiropractic care is that I get a weekly break from the constant running hamster wheel in my mind. I have more stability (emotionally and physically), resilience and calm. Less pain, anxiety and stress.  Just go! It will fix things you basically didn’t know were a problem.

Angela M.

I have been seeing Dr. Sara for 8 months now. Before I started coming to see Dr. Sara I held a lot of tension in my body and felt a high level of stress due to the overwhelming number of jobs/activities that I had committed myself to.   I was committed to school, two jobs, and was working very inefficiently at each of these tasks. 

As a result of network treatment, I not only have learned to recognize when I am beginning to accumulate tension in my body (e.g. when I'm tensing up while driving or typing), but I am actually choosing to engage in a more manageable number of activities.   Overall, my level of physical and emotional tension has decreased, which is a fantastic feeling.  My energy level is now improved, I am more willing to engage in life and try new things as a result of my lowered stress levels. I sincerely believe that without Dr. Sara's treatment, I would have continued to add more and more tasks to my plate, and would have continued to accumulate stress, tension, and associated stress-related illnesses.  

Thank you Dr. Sara for all of your assistance in helping me to heal and giving me strategies to heal myself.  Thank you Kristy for adding such a positive influence to the office!  I am a very satisfied and proud member/client of the Dragonfly Chiropractic practice. I look forward to continuing to see further positive changes as a result of Dr. Sara's Network care.

P. S.

I experience physical and emotional changes within minutes of the entrainment. I have had almost complete elimination of low back pain and only under conditions of unusual strain do I experience minor pain and one entrainment usually restores me back to normal. Dr Lisa is always bright, attentive and committed to my personal wellbeing. I know I’ll always leave her entrainments feeling more peaceful and happy for receiving her care.

Janeen D.

I came to see Dr. Sara initially because I was under a lot of stress that was causing chronic neck pain and shoulder tension.  My posture made this a bigger problem, as did the stressful nature of my work.

When I started seeing Dr. Sara, my goals were to learn to relax, do more, and increase my ease of motion and amount of exercise.  I wanted to gain relief from shoulder and upper back muscle tension.  Since getting entrained in this office, I no longer feel so tight all the time and I've learned to enjoy life more.  I'm also feeling better about myself and I'm ready to increase my physical activity.  My awareness of my body has increased and I can feel the positive effects of the entrainments at each session.  I am now training to run a half marathon and I participated in Dragon boat races this past summer.

I continue my care with Dr. Sara because it is important to my overall health and well-being and I have seen and felt my progress.  I would like that progress to continue!

L. U.

This is great work and it is very gentle on the body even though a lot happens. Also there is a beautiful connection with Dr. Lisa which helps healing.

Ruth L.

I am experiencing a distinct improvement in mental alertness, and a huge improvement in my long and short term memory. I have more energy and sleep better.

Do not compare NSA treatment with anything you have had so far. Don't go on suffering needlessly. Go to a workshop, see for yourself. Try a series of treatments and experience the improvement NSA will give you.